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Want to talk 1-on-1 with the worlds
most experienced and successful marriage-help professional?

Do you want answers to your questions and solutions to your problems?

Hi. This is Mort Fertel.

Many people want additional 1‑on‑1 private sessions but aren't financially able to utilize my services. I know that's frustrating, especially when you need help fast and affordable. So...

I assembled a team of Marriage Fitness experts.

1-on-1 Private Sessions the Marriage Fitness Way

Affordable & Available

I hand-picked each of the below professionals amongst scores of applicants. These are the cream of the crop nationally in the marriage-help field. Each one has at least 15 years experience healing the most dysfunctional marriages.

Elyse Hurtado, Ph.D.

Dr. Hurtado offers the best of both worlds - she’s a developmental psychologist 

Phone Sessions : $270/Hour

In-Person (Miami, FL) : $270/Hour

House Calls : $5400/Day + travel costs

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Mimi Azoubel Daniel, M.S.

Mimi Azoubel Daniel, MS, PCC is a Certified Life Coach specializing in marriage turn-arounds 

Phone Sessions : $195/Hour

In-Person (Baltimore, MD) : Unavailable

House Calls : $2300/Day + travel costs

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David Rispoli, M. Div.

David Rispoli is a 1 man "saving your marriage" team and a former United States Marine 

Phone Sessions : $175/Hour

In-Person (St. Louis, MO) : $175/Hour

House Calls : $2250/Day + travel costs

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Are these experts trained in the Marriage Fitness approach?

Yes. They are all certified Marriage Fitness Professionals trained by me.

Do the above people work for you?

Yes. The above people work for me and you can schedule an appointment with them by calling my office at 410.764.1552.

Are they familiar with the program I'm doing?

That would be an understatement. They are Certified Marriage Fitness Professionals trained by me in the complete Marriage Fitness methodology.

What types of appointments are available?

Each expert does mostly phone sessions with the Marriage Fitness community, but they're also available for office visits if you happen to live nearby. They're also available for full day intensive "house calls."

What exactly do you mean by a "phone session"?

Simple. You schedule an appointment for a mutually convenient time and you do the session over the telephone.

What's a "house call"?

A "house call" means that they travel to your location and lead you and your spouse through a private full-day intensive. This is a transformational experience and there's no substitute for them spending an entire day face to face with you and your spouse helping you get to the root of your problems and creating a breakthrough that will put your marriage on a new path.

You can meet at your home, at a hotel suite near your local airport, or any mutually agreed upon site.

Depending your location and flight schedules, the intensive usually lasts 7-9 hours.

What about payment?

Payment through the Marriage Fitness office is required UPON SCHEDULING. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Will my insurance company pay for this?

That's up to your insurance company. I'll be happy to provide you with a receipt for all services performed which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can reschedule or cancel private sessions without penalty by calling the office at 410.764.1552 within the following time frame. Private tele-sessions and office visits require three business days notice. Full day intensive house calls require three weeks notice and you remain responsible for non-refundable travel expenses.