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Biblical Teachingson Love & MarriageBased on the Story of Adam & Eve

Beginnings are not just a point on a time line that extends, the same as any other point; they're the point upon which everything is built.

The sages make this point about Genesis. They say that it's not just the beginning of the Bible; it's the genesis of everything. It establishes first principles.

If that's the case, then there must be something fundamental about marriage that we can learn from Adam and Eve, the first couple described in Genesis chapters 1-2.

Come, let's learn it together!

Marriage in the Bible With Mort Fertel

Hi. I'm Mort Fertel.

As you know, Marriage Fitness is not a faith-based program. But, as you also probably know, I am a person of deep faith and an avid student of the Bible.

For years, I’ve restrained myself during teleconferences out of consideration for the many Marriage Fitness participants who aren’t faith-oriented. Well, this program is for all those who are faith-oriented, who want to know what I’ve been thinking all these years, and who want to learn what the Bible teaches about love and marriage.

Specifically, in this program we’ll study the marriage of Adam and Eve. We’ll analyze verses you know, but I’ll show you how these verses teach you things you never realized...things that will change your life and your marriage forever.

How does the Program Work?


In phase 1, you'll review some chapter and verses. It’ll take you 5-10 minutes. I want to make sure you have a basic familiarity with the verses we’ll be discussing before we dive in.

Revealing the Complexity of Simple Verses

Adam and think you know the story. But I have 7 questions that are sure to stump you at first. You won’t believe that you never asked these questions. They were right there the whole time, but you probably never noticed. You'll grapple with these questions and try to reconcile the verses. You might want to include your spouse, children, friends, and/or a spiritual leader in the challenge. This will be fun, challenging, and it'll reveal to you things about these verses you never noticed before.

Private Facebook Group

You’re invited to a private Facebook Group where you can share your answers and comment on other people’s ideas. This is a private Facebook group for program participants only and restricted to posts about the topic at hand.

Sharing Answers & Comparing Notes

You'll listen to a 1 hour audio presentation that includes past participants sharing their answers to the phrase 2 questions and discussing them with me. Have your Bible handy while you listen. You'll want to look carefully at the verses being discussed. To be clear, I do not teach during this audio presentation; instead, you'll join me as I study the verses with past participants, challenge their conclusions (probably yours too!), and ask for explanations to their answers.

Mort's take on Adam & Eve

This is where the program peaks. You'll listen to a 1 hour audio presentation by me, where I share with you my answers to the questions posed and my analysis of what God is teaching us about marriage in the story about Adam and Eve. I think you’ll be amazed at how such a simple story can have such profound meaning. Verses you’ve known for years will take on new meaning for you.

What this program is not.

This is not a "fix your marriage program". This is a program for people of faith who want to know what the Bible teaches about love and marriage.

What's next?

Immediately after you register I'll send you a user name and password for a members only page where you'll get the orientation assignment, the 7 questions, instructions for joining the private Facebook group, and access to the 2 audio presentations.

Biblical Teachings on Love & MarriageBased on the Story of Adam & Eve

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Extremely insightful pieces of information were answered during the sessions. It has helped me to interpret how I feel the bible instructs us to interact as husband and wife. God bless.

Gina Gabai

Warwick, Rhode Island

Biblical Teachings on Love & MarriageBased on the Story of Adam & Eve

100% Money-Back Guarantee | What's Included? | After Registration