Recover from Infidelity

7 Tips To Recover From Infidelity
  1. Even though your spouse cheated on you (and they are responsible and must change), ask yourself what YOUR fixing is in the relationship and go to work on it.
  2. You can’t stop infidelity by giving your spouse an ultimatum. Don’t try it. It won’t work.
  3. Create a deep connection with your spouse which will not only eliminate their desire to stray but will offer your spouse a permanent filling for the emotional void they are current filling through seductive pleasures.
  4. Remember that most marriages go through a painful process before they mature; in fact, the BEST marriages are between couples who build their relationship on the ruins of broken hearts. So hang in there!
  5. Your marriage is not determined solely by what happens, but rather by how you respond to what happens; if your spouse won’t join you, sign up for Mort Fertel’s Lone Ranger Track of the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, where you will learn how to single-handedly improve your situation and motivate your spouse to join you in the process of renewing your marriage.
  6. According to researchers, men who are unfaithful and who are sincere about transforming themselves and saving their marriage are less likely to make the same mistake again compared to someone whose track record is clean. Therefore, give your husband a chance to work on rebuilding trust with you.
  7. The deeper your connection with your spouse the more likely they’ll be motivated to “live by the rules” of a faithful marriage. Connect with your spouse!

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